UFB Option available now but some processes need updating

Tania asks: Can we offer this now?

Technically it is available now in the specified UFB regions (except Whangarei, Whakatane and Gisborne).  But we do need to update some of our documentation and processes:

  1. Family internet sign-up form (Di/Briar)
  2. SNAP sign-up portal (SNAP has indicated they expect to address this during the week of 29 September)
  3. Google docs (2014-15) pull down menu of internet options has already been updated

Ivan asks: I have a graduation in Tauranga in a couple of weeks. So I should be signing up those who asked for naked onto UFB? Is SNAP ready to take these new sign ups? The Naked BB option is now off the cards of they can get UFB?

If you already have internet connection sign-ups in process, I wouldn’t turn the clock back.  Better to start explaining the UFB option during training and getting families to make an explicit choice with an understanding of the additional effort (and possibly time) required for a UFB connection, including landlord approval for families in rented accommodation, LFC installation of fibre, etc. Naked BB is still very much an option and will probably remain the dominant option for some time.

I expect SNAP is ready to start taking UFB sign-ups; I have asked them to update the CiH sign-up portal, so when you see UFB appear, go for it!

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