Chromebook Management Console

Does the BYOD Equity Scheme include classroom management tools?

No.  The purpose of our scheme is to help families who cannot afford the outlay required to purchase a digital device, typically $300 to $900.  We provide an opportunity for families to procure a device and pay it off with weekly payments spread over a 1-2 year period, without incurring high finance charges.  It is the responsibility of the school to provide the necessary infrastructure to support a BYOD environment, including wireless connectivity, ultra-fast broadband connectivity, teacher professional development and any management tools that might be required.  We are happy to help put schools in touch with others already managing a BYOD environment and suppliers who may be able to assist.

Do schools need the Chromebook Management Console to manage student devices?

I have heard good reports from schools who do have a tool for managing student devices, but I don’t really know much about them.  Typically these tools allow teachers to create user groups, pre-install and block applications, track assets , manage user access, configure network access and customise user features.  Google has developed a web-based management console for Chromebook devices.  They have also prepared a guide for schools and teachers to help with planning the deployment of 1:1 devices.

Where can schools get more information about the Management console?

Cyclone Computers has been licensed by Google to distribute the Management Console in New Zealand.   A good first step might be to contact them.  Meanwhile let’s see if we can find some schools that are already using the Management console.


One thought on “Chromebook Management Console

  1. The management console has a few useful features. First, it registers the device against a user. If the device is stolen it can be locked down. Also its possible to see who logged into it last. If the device is wiped it will insist that the device is re enrolled back to the domain rendering it useless. Also the chromebook can be set so browse as guest is disabled and a login must be used. This is good for security and tracking of the users history.
    If multiple users are sharing one device the chromebook can be set to erase the users data from the chromebook on exit so the chromebook doesn’t fill up with lots of users data. Also you can force a login screen to come up instead of showing all users who have logged into that chromebook.

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