BYOD Equity Scheme – New devices available now

What devices are available in the Trust’s BYOD Equity Scheme?

We have identified a range of devices that are suitable for 1:1 student learning ranging from 7″ tablets to 14″ laptops.  These are displayed on our website and will be reviewed from time to time as new models become available.  Our objective is to only offer devices that can be paid off in no more than 2 years at no more than $10 per week.  We have added three new HP products and one new Samsung product to the range:

HP Pavilion Laptop/Tablet) 11×360  11.6” ($8/week for 24 months)

HP Chromebook 14 14” ($10/week for 18 months)

HP Chromebook 11 11.6” ($9/week for 18 months)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1″ 16GB WiFi ($10/week for 18 months)

The HP Chromebooks are white, but are available in other cool colours (Turquoise and Peach Coral for the 14″ model and Turquoise for the 11.6″ model).  However these coloured models must be purchased in quantities of 10.  We could do this if a class group agreed to all go with the same colour.  The Turquoise (blue) colour would probably be more widely accepted.  Peach Coral is really ‘out there’ and is unlikely to have universal appeal – we heard a story about a boys’ school that deliberately bought a Peach Coral class set for students; they liked the functionality of the HP chromebook and believed that the “uncool” colour would deter their students from taking the units off site!  The boys would not want to be seen with one!

Now a key objective of our BYOD equity pilot is for students to have personal ownership of their devices and take them home, so it might pay to consult with students before choosing a ‘way-out’ colour.  If unsure, our advice is to stick with white or black.

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