BYOD Equity Scheme – Warranty and Insurance

What is the Warranty and Insurance Cover?

All BYOD devices provided as part of the 2020 Trust’s Equity Pilot are covered with a one year manufacturer warranty and the Dick Smith Accidental Damage, Accidental Loss and Theft Protection Insurance for the duration of the scheme (12 months or 24 months, depending on the payback period).  Any claims should be immediately reported to Kristina on 0800272020.

How do I make a claim?

Complete a warranty/insurance claim form and alert the 2020 Trust’s Client Services Coordinator (Kristina) .  She will log this with Dick Smith.  Dick Smith will provide a Repair Docket and instructions on where to send the device.  The Repair Docket must be included with the device when it is returned for repair.  CiH Coordinators or the school BYOD champion should take responsibility for this to make sure the device is adequately packaged and the necessary details included.  The device will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of the supplier and returned to the school for forwarding to the family.  Coordinators should record the date the device is sent for repair and the date it is returned in the master google doc.

Should families stop their APs while devices are being repaired?

No.  The repayment terms remain unchanged.  We will make every effort to return the device as quickly as possible, but like the repair of other electrical and electronic goods this will take some time.  We encourage schools to hold some ‘lone’ devices for students in BYOD classes who are unable to use their own because they have been sent away for repair.  It is up to the school whether the student is permitted to take the school-owned devices home.

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