BYOD Equity Scheme – Parent Training

Do parents need to go to training for the BYOD Equity Programme?

Yes.  We recommend that parents attend three 2-hour Stepping UP training sessions, one focusing on the device itself (tablet or chromebook), one on internet safety and one about supporting their children’s learning through homework.   The 2020 Trust will pay a tutor to run these training sessions as part of our Stepping UP programme.  We encourage schools to appoint the teacher with the BYOD class to run these programmes for parents if at all possible.  This helps parents connect more directly with their children’s learning using the devices; this is a key outcome for the Computers in Homes programme.

Who is responsible for inviting families to participate?

The school is responsible for identifying a class that is “BYOD-ready”, i.e. it has WiFi connectivity capable of supporting up to 30 simultaneous users, an ultra-fast broadband internet connection (UFB or N4L) and a teacher who understands the pedagogy of learning with 1:1 digital devices.  The school must also appoint a BYOD Champion who will be the point of contact with the CiH coordinator.  Parklands Schools in Motueka sent a very good invitation letter to families in the class group they identified for the pilot.

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