BYOD Equity Scheme – Family Participation

How do families register for the BYOD programme?

Families must register using our online registration form on our Computers in Home website.  We acknowledge that some families might not have internet access in their homes and recommend that schools organise family briefings where they can register using school computers.


How do families select BYOD products?

Families accepted on the programme will receive a letter from the 2020 Trust explaining the scheme and setting out the Terms and Conditions as well as providing a unique family number to use when selecting a BYOD device.  Device selection must be made online on the Computers in Homes website. Families must then sign a copy of the agreement and commence automatic payments by lodging an AP authority with their banks (either online or using the paper form sent with the acceptance letter).   The device will only e released once the first payment has been received.

One thought on “BYOD Equity Scheme – Family Participation

  1. Very useful information – thanks Laurence! We are gearing up to our meeting with parents this Wednesday and will let you know the feedback and how it goes.

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