BYOD Equity Scheme – Delivery of Devices

Where will the devices be delivered to?

All BYOD devices will be couriered to the nominated contact person at the school.  The serial numbers of the devices are to be recorded against each participating family and the details provided to the regional CiH coordinator, who in turn will load these details to the BYOD Equity Pilot master database (a Google Doc).


How long does it take?

One of the objectives of the pilot is to develop a streamlined process, but our experience with Dunedin revealed we still have some way to go!  There are a number of steps and these all seem to take time, so the earlier schools start on the journey – at least 4 weeks before the devices are actually required is a good guide.  The steps are:

1. Get an indication from the school if they are planning to recommend a particular device and the number of students in the class selected and advise us (2020 Trust) – we can then give Dick Smith a heads-up and they will ensure stock is reserved pending receipt of the orders.

2. Families register online and then they receive a letter by physical mail with their family number and a partially-completed AP form.  Kristina normally processes new registrations weekly so it could take up to 10 days for families to receive a response.  If coordinators provide an alert that families have started to register, we can check daily and this will reduce the time-lapse before families get their acknowledgement letters.  A .pdf copy of the letters will be sent to coordinators by email; families are required to return a signed copy (accepting the Terms and Conditions) – we send two copies of the letter and a stamped addressed envelope to make it really easy for families to return a singed copy.  It is a good idea for coordinators to take copies of the letters to family meetings in case the posted copies never arrive or have been misplaced.

3. Online orders for devices are processed weekly (although this can be daily if coordinators provide notification) and approved for payment (by 2020 Trust).  When Dick Smith receives payment, they ship the product, or if the product is not available it is put on back-order.  It can then take another week or two to procure the product and deliver to the school.

We acknowledge that this process is a bit tortuous and are developing a process that combines the first two steps as much as possible.  We would like families to be able to register and select a device at the same time.  The back-order problem can only be solved with advance notice of the type and volumes of devices likely to be required.  So watch this space!

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